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Fedhealth tax certificates were emailed to members on Monday, 28 June 2021. You can however, also easily get hold of your 2021 Fedhealth tax certificate by using one of our self-service channels.

Please note that tax certificates are password protected. The password is your ID number.

Fedhealth Family Room
To download your Fedhealth tax certificate, login to the Fedhealth Family Room, select ‘Manage My Option’ from the top navigation and click on ‘Tax Certificate’.

Fedhealth Member App
Open your Fedhealth Member App, select ‘Medical Aid’, then ‘Document Library’, then ‘Tax Certificates’ and then select the tax certificate for the tax year that you require.

Download the Fedhealth Member App from the Google Play or Apple stores.

WhatsApp service
Save the number 060 070 2479 to your contacts and type ‘hello’ to get started. Select ‘Member Self Service’ and then ‘Tax Certificate’.

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