Are you planning a “staycation” this festive season?

Let’s face it, nothing strikes fear into the heart of a brave mom than the sound of the words “I’m bored!” right? 2019 has been a tough year for most of us and if Disneyland is not on the cards right now, well, how do you keep your little tykes occupied while not breaking the bank?

It’s always best to do a little planning in advance mom. And yeah, off course we’ve rounded up a sweet arsenal of activities to keep the brood entertained (and you sane!) during the festive season at home:

  • Include activity bursts in-between your to-do list. Have 20 minutes before the chicken is done? Crank up the music and boogie down. Compare dance moves, they’ll love this one.
  • Go for post-dinner walks to check out the neighbourhood Christmas lights. Do 30 seconds of easy walks followed by 30 seconds of monster-size steps. Fun!
  • Get wet. Get out the water balloons for a little backyard fun or hit the pool.
  • Bring the movies home. Draw the curtains, make some popcorn and hit play.
  • Allow them to make lunch. It’s as simple as using cookie cutters to create crafty sandwiches or arranging sliced up veggies into different shapes. This not only makes lunchtime more interesting, but it also teaches them about doing things for themselves.
  • Picnic in the garden. You’ll be surprised by how a simple sandwich, once packed in a plastic container and eaten on a blanket outside on the grass, becomes a meal fit for a king!
  • Splurge when there’s a special – There may be days where the kids just need to get out, so keep an eye on the news and social media for school holiday special offers and discounts on movies or eat free specials.
  • Make a tent with sheets or tablecloths one evening. Give them a torch and serve dinner in their own sanctuary.
  • Get their creative juices flowing – An empty toilet paper roll could become treasured family serviette rings for Christmas day! So, stock up on the empties before the holidays!
  • Arrange a play date. This will give you the opportunity to get some work done. Plus … the invite might be returned someday.
  • Have a little sidewalk chalk fun. Hopscotch is a classic.
  • Embrace the explorer and hit the trails – Choose a weekend during the holidays to take a drive somewhere the family’s never been before. Do a little research on family-friendly places to spend the day. There’s no shortage of hiking trails in our beautiful country. Many of them have a real wilderness feel, despite being close to the city. Pack a healthy, delicious basket and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Bake Christmas cookies as gifts for family and friends.

Remember mom to also allow your child to just “be” – to relax, to dream, and to have spells of time where there are no planned activities and no electronic devices in hand.

They grow up so fast, don’t miss out on opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Have a blessed festive season!


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