Are you worried that by the time you’re 50 or 60 you’ll have nothing but a deep sense of regret?

What’s on your list? Whether you’re looking to lose a few kilos, reduce stress, or want to kick the smoking habit … we know all too well the disappointment of not getting to anything on the so-called “bucket list.” Truth is, we often lose track of our life goals because we believe that goals can only be achieved in a certain way.

So, change your approach. Make it easier. If you want to learn artwork but can’t get to art classes or hold a tiny brush in your hands; then focus on what you can do. Switch to an artform that’s better suited to you physically, like sculpting. If time won’t allow you to attend art classes, do it online. The point is there are many easier paths to reaching your goal; sometimes you simply have to try different routes.

Turn goal-setting into goal-getting by removing the goals that are far-fetched and almost impossible. Make sure that whatever you want to achieve is realistic and doable. Focus on goals, not wishes. The thing with an impossible wish is that it will remain just that … a wish, and if you don’t get to it, you fail, and that’s really the worst approach.

Be step-wise. If your goal is to lose 20 kilos, start small. Make the decision to eat clean, rather than to deprive yourself; not only will this heal your body, but also help you to reach your ideal weight. Again, start small. Replace one guilty pleasure – such as ice cream or cookies – with something healthy, such as fruit. If you rarely eat anything green, aim to eat at least one serving of colourful produce with lunch and dinner. Look back at the end of each week to see how far you’ve come and celebrate the achievement; buy yourself a bunch of flowers or see a movie.

Instead of the impossible thirty minute grind at the gym each day, start doing something three times a week, even if it’s walking the dog around the block. Concentrate on one day at a time. Thinking too far into the future can make chasing your goal seem like a marathon.

Seek support. Find like-minded people who share your goals and pursue them together. Go easy on yourself, but be persistent. Just because you succumbed to french fries on Saturday night, doesn’t mean you have to resume making fries a regular part of your diet!

If you’ve envisioned yourself happier, healthier and more energized by now, you need to take concrete steps to get there. Hey, your initial goals might even change along the way, and that’s okay too. However, pick goals that bring lasting joy. Success is not about doing more, it’s about being more.

Most people won’t ever live the life they want to live. Don’t be that person.

You’ve already got what it takes. All you have to do is to start hustling.


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