Popcorn’s popped, Netflix is ready to go and it’s time to get comfy. Bliss! So you kick your feet up onto the coffee table and – Whaaat is that?!

If you are secretly happy to hide your feet now that boot-season is here, you’re not alone. Winter gives millions of people the idea that it’s okay to neglect their feet, but just because your tootsies are in hiding doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

According to podiatrist Dina Gohil, the blood supply to your feet is affected by climate. As the temperature fluctuates the skin is left either hot or cold, and in winter it means the skin’s blood supply to the top layers of the skin are reduced to preserve heat. No wonder they get as dry as chapped lips – even without being exposed to the elements!

Cold conditions plus the use of artificial heat can wreak havoc on your feet. Surveys and research remind us that foot health is intrinsic to overall health, so protecting your feet all year long is vital to your overall wellbeing. And off course, those with poor circulation or nerve damage caused by neuropathy or Raynaud’s disease need to take extra care of their feet as existing conditions tend to worsen during the cold winter months.

So, c’mon, give your feet a little TLC as old man winter hits hard! Add these tips to your foot care arsenal to keep your feet healthy and silky smooth this season:

  • Keep your feet warm, but not sweaty. Sweaty feet could lead to bacterial infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal toenails. Wear breathable socks. Opt for cotton or wool, rather than synthetic blends.
  • Clean beneath your toenails. Bacteria accumulate as a result of dead skin, soap, and everyday life. Use a soft toothbrush in an upward motion after your shower.
  • Take a toenail polish break. Regularly removing nail polish and applying a fresh coat can maintain the amount of bacteria and fungi hibernating underneath. Nail damage? Use a little tea tree oil to promote and restore healthy toenails.
  • Remove rough skin once a week. Nothing sloughs away dead skin as easily as this porous and abrasive beauty. Couple this with the master scrapper a.k.a. the foot file and you’ll have heels as soft as a baby’s buttocks. Also, a little sea salt and olive oil will gently remove superficial dead skin and replenish moisture.
  • Keep it creamy. The active ingredients such as salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxy in heel balms will improve skin elasticity.
  • Find footwear that has room upfront. The right fit will prevent bunions, hammer toes, blisters and insufficient blood flow to the feet. Imagine yourself playing the piano with your toes. If your toes are able to move freely without restriction, it’s a good fit.

Healthy cared-for feet should not be a seasonal trend.

Give them the care they deserve during the cold winter months and they’ll be beautiful come springtime!

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