Did you know that your skin loses up to 25% of its ability to hold moisture as the mercury drops? You already have the rough elbows, red nose, chapped lips and static hair to prove it, right?

New research shows that about 10% of people across the globe suffer from eczema. This condition is a year-round torment for many South Africans, and winter will make it worse. We don’t know what exactly causes eczema. However, research indicates that a combination of genes, food allergies, and environmental triggers are often involved. What we do know is that cold weather and dry air will cause flare-ups.

As the temperature plummets and the air becomes dry, even people with  trouble-free skin can start to feel the itch. Let’s face it, endless covetable luminosity is only a given for the very select few. For the rest of us, well, we’re going to need invest a little time, love and patience to look our best this winter.

So, make a cuppa and read more on how to fight the dry-skin epidemic:

  • Fatten up. Sadly, we’re not talking lasagne and red-velvet cupcakes! Great skin is very much an inside-out job. Adding more good fats to your daily diet will plump up a depleted complexion within a few days. Foods rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 will help your skin to produce more lipids which will retain and balance moisture levels.
  • Up your H2O intake to keep your skin hydrated. Cut the coffee and the booze, both are super dehydrating.
  • Ditch the soap. Fragrant, soapy gels may feel (and smell) wonderful but they will leave your skin dry in winter. Switch to a soap-free, hydrating cleanser. Washing your hands regularly is key to keeping germs at bay, but it wreaks havoc on your skin’s moisture levels. Replace some of those washes with a hand sanitiser. They do contain alcohol that will dry out the skin, but often not to the extreme that soap and water can.
  • Limit your showers to 5 minutes using only luke-warm water. Hot water removes the skin’s natural oils quicker.
  • Soak smart. Add a few drops of almond oil, wheat germ, or grapeseed oil to bathwater to lock in hydration.
  • Shampoo and condition first. Suds from your shampoo inevitably run over your face and body, depositing a film caused by the strong cleansers found in many hair products.
  • Moisturize while your skin is still damp. Also, switch from a lotion to a cream. Creams provide a stronger oily barrier, which means reduced water loss from the outer layers of the skin as well as hydrating the skin at the same time. Don’t forget the sunscreen, winter sun can be just as damaging.
  • A gentle body scrub and facial exfoliant once a week can help to remove dead cells. Try a mixture of honey and sugar to soften rough patches on hands and knees.
  • Hook up the humidifier. Try this at work to bring moisture levels back to normal.

Try a few of these tips to keep your skin healthy and glowy, no matter what old man winter throws your way!

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