We still have a few weeks to go … yikes! Not only is there more fear and uncertainty around than ever before, but suddenly you find yourself thrust into isolation for even longer … with. your. partner…

It’s completely normal to have disagreements. What’s abnormal is to be locked down in one space together for a period of time. Suddenly the niggles that every relationship has is amplified, and when the smallest of issues escalate into full blown yelling matches, it’s not pretty. Being cooped up together 24/7 will put strain on even the strongest of relationships.

If you imagined that every moment will be a Hallmark movie, the reality is probably not going to live up to your imagination. We’re going to see the best of each other at first, but with time it might be easier to see the empty milk carton in the fridge rather than the empty trash can that that someone took out without being asked.

Remember, everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. Some may find it peaceful to be holed up and not to be bothered by the outside world, while others won’t cope with it well. In fact, a recent study published in the journal The Lancet points out that quarantine can cause a host of psychological problems. These can range from anxiety, anger, sleep disturbances and depression.

So, what is the secret to harmony during lockdown?

  • Give each other some space. Time on your own is as important for your health as companionship. Work in separate rooms if you have the space. Take long bubble baths or read a book outside in the garden. Do yoga. Needing space does not mean rejection.
  • Cut each other some slack. Now is not the time to get irritated about how the dishwasher gets packed.
  • Stick to a routine. Shower and get dressed. Keep the rhythm of your week individually.
  • If your partner leaves the room in the middle of an argument, don’t follow. Give him/her time to cool off. It will pass.
  • Clear the air. Once the dust settles, have a respectful conversation. Make sure that neither of you are tired or hungry and that you’re truly listening, but are also being heard. Focus on a win-win.
  • Take care of yourself. Everything is easier when we feel good. Eat healthy, sleep enough, drink more water, and try to exercise. Make one of your daily goals health related.
  • Plan fun things to do when lockdown is over.

No doubt that we’re going to need to get inventive over the next few weeks.

You are not a failure or a bad partner if you don’t enjoy being confined. You are human.

Look for opportunities to show interest in each other, express affection and appreciation, and demonstrate empathy.

Aaaaaaand …. Breathe!

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