Who doesn’t love a good meme?

They’re funny, clever and easy to share. You probably chuckle at a few memes each week, post them on Facebook or forward “Grumpy Cat” to you colleagues on a regular basis on Mondays. And, whether you’re on board or not, there’s no denying that memes have revolutionised the way we communicate.

A meme usually involves  a picture or a video that is taken out of context accompanied by  a humorous caption with the intention of making you laugh. In essence, memes have granted internet users a shorthand way of communicating. However, what sort of impact will it have on more traditional mediums of communication? Will poetry cease to exist in the form of word? How will it affect interpersonal relationships?

There are many out there who are dismissive of memes and their contribution to society. But maybe – just maybe – memes are nothing more than a product of creativity. It might simply be nothing more than a fun example of people using humour as a way of coping with all the tragedies that life has to offer.

So, what is their super power? Why should we use memes? They’re bitesize entertainment, culturally relevant, edgy and funny, plus quick and easy to consume -  which is crucial for the average 8 second attention span.

They are easy to make; choose from a handful of websites to create your own (or, off course, use existing memes) and use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram to post them and watch the magic! Memes can make businesses and campaigns more relatable. Creating and sharing memes shows that you know how to have fun and understand contemporary culture. You’ll be trending in no time.

Memes work in a corporate environment because they’re disruptive and in this day and age, anything that disrupts the norm, shakes things up, get’s you out of the ho-hum; is a great strategy. True, self-promotion is crucial in the digital age, but be sure to tread carefully in the meme world. Keep it clean. Good shareable memes can be inspirational. Is there a quote your CEO always uses to inspire your team? Meme it.

Marketers can enhance their brands by following the ebb and flow of memes. Be sure to check the background and the evolution of the meme. A meme may start out to mean something innocent, but become warped over time. Marketers need to make sure that they understand their target markets’ lifestyle and what they might find funny.

Memes are one of the many gifts given to us by the internet, and for every five thousand memes that aren’t worth the pixels on our screen, there’s one that becomes a true cultural phenomenon, one that you can relate to.

They instil and cement beliefs that quickly become popular among cybernauts. This cultural paradigm is a reflection of the mentality of modern society – one that values entertainment, champions materialism, and reinforces the need felt by people to remain relevant.

Remember, like any superpower, memes should be used responsibly.

Here’s to many more laughs in the future!

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