After the lockdown it’s all about rebirth, new leadership, and setting a course for the remainder of the year.

So, you’ve got years of experience under your belt, you’ve put in the blood, sweat and tears, and by your own calculations it’s your turn to move up the corporate ladder. However, getting the recognition (and the promotion!) as quickly as you’d like, isn’t always easy.

Leadership in effect, is a perception to cause others to conclude that you’re a leader. That’s it! You have to prove to the decision makers that you’re ready and deserving to take on more responsibility. In fact, it’s a little sneaky; you need to plant the idea in someone’s head that you could be great in a managerial position without force or manipulation on your part … it’s all about inception.

Start with the person who has the power to promote you. Prove to your boss that you’re management material; that you’re ready to move from being an individual contributor to being the team leader.

Position yourself as a leader by:

  • Exceeding expectations. Go above and beyond. Arrive early to get a jump start and stay longer to wrap up the loose ends.
  • Inspiring others. Be someone who is easy to work with. If you’re given a project to lead, bring others in and share the glory.
  • Improving your skills. Sign up for training programs your company has to offer. Read business articles relevant to your job; the more you read the better prepared you’ll be to contribute to any discussion.
  • Becoming a powerhouse. Speak up and come up with solutions. Make sure that your suggestions are based on broad research and adequate facts.
  • Being confident and energetic. Say “yes” to the projects others don’t want, and do well at them.
  • Praising your company on social media. Post interesting news articles about your company and its initiatives.
  • Browsing during breaks. Pauses between meetings can be put to good use. Break out your phone and search for industry news. You’ll stand out if you’re the first one to notice a major lawsuit or merger!

Contrary to popular belief, experience isn’t what qualifies a person as a leader. It’s about having confidence in who you are, doing more than what is expected of you, and creating authentic connections with those you want to influence.

So take stock of your own capability in each of these areas. Prove to management that you can add value to the company.

It might take a little time, but it’ll put you in the perfect light when the opportunity for a promotion comes up.

Good luck!


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