So you’re 22 something and you’re about to set your GPS for your “True North.” This is it! Gone are the care free Varsity days filled with an overdose of friends and fun. Working, paying taxes, potential partners to marry … so many decisions to make, right? Yikes!  

Although, legally, you become an adult at the age of 18, there’s no “certificate of maturity” that identifies you as a grown-up. Nah, this one does not come about in the form of a birthday. Scientists now say that you don’t really become fully adult until you hit 30, which is when your brain concludes its three-decade-long development. Here’s the thing: Being an adult isn’t something you are, it’s something you do, in small ways, every day. It’s a daily and gradual process of choosing maturity over immaturity. It is a matter of character and action … not age. 

True, there’s a lot about being an adult that’s scary and stressful, but there’s also a lot that’s wonderful – like figuring out who you are, getting to go after the things you’ve always dreamt of and talked about, and learning just how strong and capable you are.

There are a few unspoken rules that all adults need to follow:

  • Adults take shots from the doctor, not from the bar. Getting a little buzzed now and then is okay, but getting drunk is something that adults shouldn’t do.
  • It’s all about the money, money, money. Adults have budgets and spend less than they earn. They save for important stuff, like houses and retirement.
  • They take responsibility. They make decisions, live with the consequences, and own up to their mistakes.
  • Adults are self-reliant. This doesn’t mean you should never ask for help; it means you should never depend on others to do things for you.
  • They learn how to cook in order to save money and stay healthy.
  • They set goals to work towards. The world is not going to slow down for you. Progress demands that we all pull our weight, so keep up with the flow.
  • Adults clean. They do their own laundry. Dishes get washed, dried and put away. Beds are made every day, and refrigerators are organized and stocked.
  • They buy their own stuff. When a light bulb burns out, there won’t magically be a new one waiting in the kitchen drawer. You actually have to go out and buy light bulbs, food, medicine …
  • They use social media sparingly. Kids waste their time worrying about “likes” and “follows.” Adults use social media as a tool to promote their brand and to keep in touch with friends.
  • Adults are health conscious. Very soon your body won’t have the resilience of a sixteen- year-old wood nymph. So, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise.

Remember, you only get one life, so make the most of it and do what needs to be done.

Welcome to adulthood young ones! You are so much more capable than you give yourself credit for.

You’ve got this!

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