We are very pleased to inform you that the Fedhealth and Topmed amalgamation has been approved by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), with effect from 1 August 2019.

We would like to emphasise the following:

  1. Existing Fedhealth members

As an exisiting Fedhealth member, your benefit structure will remain unchanged for the current year, since Fedhealth options, benefits and limits and Rules will apply.

  1. Former Topmed members

We would just like to remind you about the pre- and post-amalgamation query process:

Please contact Topmed for the following types of queries, as Fedhealth does not have access to this information yet:

  • 2018/2019 Tax certificate for tax submissions
  • Claims with treatment dates dating prior to 1 August
  • Any hospital, chronic or oncology related authorisations for treatment dated prior to 1 August

You can contact Fedhealth for the queries below:

  • Claims with treatment dates from 1 August
  • Hospital, chronic or oncology related authorisations for treatment required from 1 August onwards
  • Any other Fedhealth benefit or process related queries

Simply contact the Fedhealth Customer Contact Centre on 0860 002 153, select the option for the dedicated Topmed call centre or email us at topmed@fedhealth.co.za

This marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Fedhealth and our members – both new and existing, and we welcome our new members to our medical scheme.