Have you made a few commitments at the beginning of this year (haven’t we all?!) but suddenly feel a little deflated?

It’s okay! We all lose motivation from time to time (even if it’s only the beginning of March!). We get it, life can be a real tug of war. You may have committed to starting a business, hitting the gym, or to saving more towards something special … but, you’ve lost interest and are  not feeling excited, energetic, or happy at this point.

How do successful people do it? Well, fact is, achievers have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. When you have momentum, you become unstoppable. Imagine pushing a car. When you first start pushing, you need to exert a strong force to get it moving. But when the car starts to move, it becomes a little easier. You just need to maintain the force you exert on the car to keep it moving. If you continue to push the car, it will move faster and faster. That’s it!

Remember, motivation and momentum are closely linked. In fact momentum is gained by the maintenance of motivation over time. So, if you’ve lost a little bit of your mojo, start with the necessities to keep the momentum wheel spinning:

  • Add a daily dose of inspiration to give you the added boost you need. Borrow some encouragement from that famous shoe slogan, and “just do it.” Use books, podcasts, or quotes from inspirational people … whatever works for you. Visualizing your goal builds your desire.
  • Keep a visual reminder of your goals close by. Create a vision board or “board of dreams” to engulf everything about your goal. Get creative and use sticky notes, photos, or pages from a book as reminders.
  • Boost your energy levels. An abundance of energy provides the fuel required to achieve goals. There’s a very simple formula to maintain good energy levels: get enough shut-eye, eat healthy whole foods, exercise daily and drink plenty of water, repeat.
  • Find support. It will keep you accountable, motivated, and on track.
  • Track your goals by keeping a “did it” list to make sure that you stay on track. But, always be flexible and take course-corrective action should your results go off track.
  • Reward yourself. Knowing that something worthwhile awaits you after you’ve achieved your intended goal is a great motivator.

The majority of people fail to achieve their goals because they fail to stick to their plans. Momentum isn’t earned and you’re definitely not born with it. It is learned, and is something that you dedicate yourself to and practice daily.

However, remember, momentum demands movement. So, start where you are right now, use your skills, resources, and time at your disposal to be successful.

Here’s to your success!

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