Are you longing to be that perfect couple again? That’s right, we’re talking about that relationship where you still lust over one another like lovesick teens!

Has your “till death do us part” become a little weathered by the world around you? We get it, life’s a race and we’re all running. Truth is post kids it can be hard to remember what it felt like to be “just the two of you”. Yup, reconciling the erotic and the domestic … not so easy!

We’ve all seen them, the couple who sit in the restaurant across from one another with nothing to say. When did it all become a little less fiery and more … well, friendly and dull?

Truth is relationships in every age group have their own challenges and these challenges will intensify over time. Dating guru and relationship expert James Preece says: “The most common reason for relationships to fail is because of a lack of effort.” If you nurture your relationship, chances are pretty good that you’ll feel more nurtured yourself.

So, if you’re worried about the couple side of your life, simply start with a few intentional moves:

  • Affirm your love before the day begins. Before work, kids and fatigue; make sure that your partner feels your love. Begin the day with a great kiss, or at the very least a sincere “I love you.” This may sound simple, but it’s often the simple things that make the biggest difference.
  • Schedule a date. I know, I know- big surprise. Date nights = everyone’s solution to emotional closeness, but seriously, finding the time to spend together is crucial. A 2012 study found that “couple time” has a decisive impact on the success of relationships.
  • Touch often. Humans need physical contact; it’s one of our most basic needs! Any kiss over 5 seconds has wonderful possibilities …
  • Have sex, ok this one is obvious.
  • Share a hot Bev. Pick your poison – coffee, cocoa, tea – but do this every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes in the morning. Make it a daily habit and it will give you a chance to connect even briefly.
  • Check in during the work day - Send a text or email.
  • Leave a note. It takes 3 minutes to jot something down. Who doesn’t like getting a handwritten love letter?
  • Go green and shower together. Seriously – you can save time, enjoy each other’s company while saving the planet all at once!
  • Sweat together. Working out together will kill two birds with one healthy stone. Studies show that 94% of couples stick to a fitness program when they do it together. Other research shows that sex is more enjoyable when you’re physically fit. Enough said.
  • Ask this question every day. How was your day, hon? It may sound like a cliché, but studies show that couples who discuss recent positive events with each other experience increased feelings of intimacy.
  • Say thank you and say it often. For taking out the trash or for going to work every day so that all of you can have a better life. Make sure that your partner knows that you appreciate him/her.

Love and connection is a choice; yeah, it truly is that simple.



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