Let’s face it, as chief cook and bottle washer, being a mom means juggling a myriad of things – husband, kids, a job, parents, friends … the list is endless, right?

Most of us are caught up in a hectic whirlwind of activities which start on Monday morning, end on Sunday night, and then begin all over again! Yet, self-care is on Instagram feeds, blogs, and in magazines everywhere. This phrase keeps popping up – accompanied by indulgent bubble baths and perfectly made beds. But, with a predictable series of checklists, seriously, who has time for that?! Fact is, as women we are natural caregivers and yet we rarely include ourselves in our kindness to-do list.

There’s very much the misconception that self-care (as fluffy as it may sound!) has to be some sort of self-indulgent luxury. But nothing is further from the truth. Self-care is a responsibility so you can do this motherhood thing well. Truth is, it doesn’t have to be some fancy, expensive venture. Self-care can be simply taking a second to make sure you’re taking care of you and it looks different for everybody. In fact, sometimes self-care doesn’t look or feel very much like self-care. Skipping your favourite TV show to wash the dishes so you can wake up to a clean house might not feel like fun, but it could mean the kindest thing the next day.

It refers to small little habits that are carried out with the intention of reducing stress, enhancing energy, and restoring health. Have you ever wondered why the instructions on airline safety says, “Put on your oxygen mask first before helping your child and other passengers”? This cliché example shows that before you can take care of others mama, you need to take care of yourself.

There is so much pressure to do more, to know more and to be more - it is exhausting and unrelenting!

So, listen up overachievers, if you’re looking to spice up your self-care repertoire, we have a few quirky ideas you can try:

  • Start your day with something pleasant. It can be very grounding to have enjoyable rituals built into your day. Coffee anyone?
  • Drink an extra glass of water today.
  • Sing in the car. Nothing will help you to feel “more you”. This is not to practice a skill or enjoy a talent, the act is simply for self-care.
  • Do lounge room dancing. Music is uplifting and movement is energizing, especially if you have the moves, right?
  • Call someone you love.
  • Wake up before the birds and sit outside for a moment.
  • Walk barefoot on the grass.
  • Try a new class. It’s never too late to learn something.
  • Give yourself credit for the things that you do well.
  • Pay it forward. Do something for a stranger.
  • Take 5 minutes every day just to “be.” Block out time in your calendar to do something that you love. Read a page from your favourite book, or simply look at the clouds.

Take charge of life by taking care of yourself first. Because when you do, you are building the strongest, healthiest version of yourself. And this version is the one that will help you to face your responsibilities and enable you to take care of the people you love.

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