Time sucks! There are just not enough hours in the day, right? As you’re reading this you probably have a laundry list of things to do (perhaps including actual laundry!) that’s piling up for a time when you have, well, time.

Thing is, life can speed by at an astonishing rate and more often than not we are living someone else’s life. We all tend to – simply because of a mile long to-do list – give the power to our bosses, spouses, or to family and friends. But who’s life are you leading? Is this it from you?

Sadly, we often put off doing the very things we know will make us happier, healthier, and more balanced. Yup, we catch ourselves thinking, “When I have more time, I’ll start working out, cooking healthy meals, search for a better job or catch up with friends.”

But, what if you could press a pause button, catch a breath, regroup, and live the way you’ve always wanted?

Here’s how to grab life by the lemons and start squeezing:

  • Make balance a priority. Stop putting everyone else’s needs before your own. Set boundaries in relationships and at work. Create more space in your life to make your own goals a priority.
  • Start with a super-simple morning ritual to set you up for a happy, productive day. Make this your sacred time. Meditate, write a few lines in your journal, or simply sip a cup of tea and watch the sun rise. Hey, don’t panic, it only takes 10 minutes and you’ll reap the benefits right away!
  • Take baby steps. Cook one healthy meal at home this week rather than ordering in, or meet with a career counsellor if you’re contemplating a change. Taking small steps will help you to build momentum for bigger change.
  • Focus on who you are. There is much that you will encounter that is not right, unjust and incorrect. Focus on who you want to be in response to these challenges.
  • Run your own race. Empowerment has nothing to do with competition, it has everything to do with contribution. Don’t compare yourself to others and push pass past failures, it doesn’t define you.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs by envisioning your future self. Limiting beliefs are just like speedbumps, they’ll only slow you down.
  • Take action. Go after your goals without waiting to have all the answers.
  • Make every day count. Do more new things. When all of your days are the same your brain doesn’t distinguish between them and Monday to Friday feels like one day. That’s how you wake up one morning and wonder where your life went.
  • Give yourself some credit. Take a moment every day to recognise your many achievements. Be a little kinder to yourself.

Life can be joyous, magnificent, fulfilling, abundant, prosperous and adventurous. But, it’s on you to take initiative.

Remember, life gets better by change – not chance.

You’ve got this!

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