Einstein slept most of the time and was a total dreamer, but when it came to the theory of relativity, you’ll find this great scientist’s name at the top of the list. Winston Churchill – who’s favourite activity was sitting in a rocking chair - became a great politician. Carl Marks, Newton, Picasso … all great achievers, but incredibly lazy.

American professor Arnold Ludwig analysed more than 1000 people who achieved the greatest success in their lives and came to the conclusion that apart from having some natural talent you need to be able to … waste time.

So, if you’ve been running yourself into the ground trying to achieve everything and anything by the time you hit 30, we’ve got news for you. According to an article from CNBC, lazy people tend to be smarter! It’s time to get out of the rat race, calm your farm, cool your jets and embrace the lazy side to your personality you’ve been pretending doesn’t exist.

And here’s why:

Turns out that lazy people are focused simply on their own goals. Fewer goals = more achievements. They waste less time on tasks that have no value. They are innovative, and interested in getting the most work done in the shortest amount of time. And to be able to do that, they’ll recruit others. Yup, they hire people to do the ordinary and the mundane. If you try to do everything yourself you’ll waste time and become unproductive. In order for them to get involved in anything, it’s has to be good.

Lazy people use technology to their advantage. They incorporate programs, applications and gadgets to do their tasks quicker, allowing them to be lazy for longer. Decades ago, hard work was compulsory to achieve success. Today you can build a 7-figure business from the comfort of your own home; it’s all about working with the right systems.

Also, lazy people know when to take a rest so when they do jump in, they’re likely to be well-rested and less likely to experience burnout. This inevitably leads to improved memory, greater attention span and decreased stress.

Conclusion: Lazy people can be successful. However, even if lazy people may be a little smarter and have a higher IQ (this is according to science) it doesn’t determine success. It depends on the application. If you’re a smart but lazy person and not applying yourself in the right place, you won’t be successful.

It’s about being resourceful. When you know how to channel your energy and work hard at what you’re passionate about, you can be successful. The key to success is to master your motivation, build productive habits and to zero in on what’s truly game-changing.

So, if you’re always asking why life is so complicated, make it easier. if you can afford to outsource the routine parts of life, do it. It will ultimately allow you to focus on things with greater return. This applies not only to work but also at home: cleaners, nannies, gardeners and home deliveries ….

In a world of constant distraction, we rarely put our mental feet up. Could being lazy just be a way of being more efficient?

Lazy people might be onto something.

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