Fall in Love with Autumn

The spirit of change is in the air and it’s deliciously intoxicating!

Hands down, everyone is taken by the sight of trees changing colour into warm fuzzy yellows, browns and reds. Mother Nature has pushed Autumn a little early on us this year, but hey, she’s in charge.

There’s something about Autumn … it’s the time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the “Grand Finale.” With a definite chill in the air we get to experience multicoloured works of art falling from the trees already revealing bare and vulnerable branches.

There’s nothing better than leaves crackling underfoot, don’t you agree? If you can walk through a cluster of leaves or around it, you’d better believe you’re going to walk through them, doing your best to crunch as many as possible, right?

And then there’s the weather. It becomes almost dream-like … not too hot, but not too cold either, just perfect. This “secret” season is smack bam in-between the blazing Summer and chilling Winter. So yeah, say goodbye to the restless, muggy nights of summer. The slight drop in temperature is certainly conducive to falling asleep and waking up refreshed. Also, going to bed earlier without being judged … perfect!

Oh, and the fashion! With cooler weather comes comfy clothing. It’s time to get out your cosy clothes for the days when the weather can’t make up its mind. Scarves, boots, oversized jumpers and chunky knits; it’s easy to be effortlessly on trend during Autumn. No more bikini body worries … for a while at least!

We’re all looking forward to comfort food. Proper food. Think soups, stews, root vegetables and Shepard’s pies. Yum! Seasonal treats also make their debut. Delicious citrus fruits are easier (and less expensive) to come by. And then there’s the hot bevvies; mulled wine, hot chocolate (with all the trimmings) or hot apple cider will just fill your bones with joy. Simply delicious.

Autumn is also the perfect time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Scientific studies have shown that cooler weather boosts performance and improves decision making by allowing us to concentrate more on our logic versus being drained of energy during warmer temperatures. Just as nature follows a seasonal cycle, we too face constant change in our lives. Difficult seasons pass and make way for new opportunities. Now is the perfect time to reflect, and to plan the perfect path to achieving what you deserve.

There’s lots to love about Autumn. And, if you haven’t heard of the concept of hygge yet, we highly recommend that you look into it. Hygge is more than cosiness, and there’s no season more hygge than Autumn when the leaves start to fall, and the nights draw in. Getting into your favourite PJ’s, lighting a spicy candle, and cuddling under a warm blanket with your favourite book while experiencing an overwhelming sense of contentment, is what hygge is all about … it’s what Autumn is about.

It’s time to cuddle up and have a glorious glass of red. It’s Autumn.                                                         

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