Egg-cellent Tips For a Healthy Easter

Easter weekend is fast approaching. Yup, the chocolatiest time of the year is here! We’re talking chocolate eggs and sticky hot cross buns … Yum!

Easter is the perfect excuse to tempt even the strongest of wellness warriors into over-indulgence. Sure, egg eating contests and buns swimming in butter are a one way ticket to weight and cholesterol gain. And, as we all know, the extra kilos don’t disappear with the Easter bunny…

However, there’s no need to lock yourself in a Paleo cage for the weekend. Well-balanced food in moderation is key to long term health and wellbeing.

A good rule of thumb to live by is the 80:20 rule, whereby we eat and live healthily 80% of the time, and allow ourselves to eat less nutritious food that we enjoy the other 20%. But also, this ratio isn’t set in stone; if a 90:10 or a 75:25 works better for you, then follow that.

There are ways to celebrate Easter the healthy way:

  • Indulge! We can all get behind this one, right?! All in moderation though. Never go overboard; life is about balance. Also, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve missed a workout. Make memories with friends and family over the long weekend.
  • Go to the dark side. Not only are dark chocolate bunnies or eggs more flavoursome, they’re also healthier. Dark chocolate contains less calories and is full of polyphenols which have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Beware of the booze. Alcohol is loaded with calories and stimulates your appetite which can lead to fatty binges. Set yourself a limit of 1 or 2 alcoholic beverages per day, and space them out by drinking a glass of water in-between. Consider low-alcohol drinks such as light beers or a wine spritzer (wine with soda water). Also, be mindful of the nibbles that often accompany alcohol such as potato chips and dip, or cheese and crackers.
  • Think outside the (chocolate) box. Give the Easter bunny a run for his money. Try strawberries dipped in dark chocolate or bake your own hot cross buns. Bake them with wholemeal flour, minimize added sugars and go easy on the butter.
  • Go for egg-citing activities. (Sorry, can’t resist!) Keep moving, even with the hustle and bustle of the long weekend. Spend time outdoors taking brisk walks or bike rides with family and friends – aim to go for a little longer than usual.
  • Share the love. Okay, so you don’t have to eat all of the stash. Take extras to work or re-gift to friends. Or take your time to enjoy them – they don’t all have to be eaten over the Easter weekend.
  • Make time for yourself. Avoid overscheduling. It’s okay to say “no” to attending events or preparing meals. Spreading yourself too thin leads to increased stress and anxiety. Sneak some shut-eye, unplug from technology, or curl up with a good book.

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Easter!                                         


DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms or need health advice, please consult a healthcare professional.