Frazzled, tired, anxious? Who wouldn’t at least tick one of these boxes?

It is supposed to be that time of the year where we all get a little “R&R” – but usually we end up stressing about visiting relatives, making sure your mother in law’s trifle recipe tastes “just as it should” or worried about what to serve your newly vegan nephew on Christmas day.

The gifts, the food and the excess have resulted in a galloping society that seems to reward the exterior more than the inner feeling of health, quality time, and balance. Enough to make you need another holiday!

Yup, you’re not the only one feeling overwhelmed by life. Whether you’re running your own business or have simply pushed yourself to hard this year, burnout is a very real, very serious problem for modern workers.

The world is looking for non-medical interventions to feel better. Wellness retreats are becoming increasingly popular as the need to switch off in a hyper connected world grows. Popular hotels are becoming wellness resorts with expanded spa, fitness and dietary options. Most include a customized mix of spa days, exercise, yoga and clean eating. Gone are the days of simply spending holidays lounging around buffet tables. More and more people want to have a holiday that combines relaxation with introspection, meditation and health.

However, if a spiritual trip to India or a holistic holiday set in the secluded serenity of the Himalayas are not on the cards, book a one night sanctuary. Think about what relaxation means to you. A fitness-focussed trip full of hiking or cardio is the perfect way to unwind for some, while others prefer spa treatments and dietary detoxes. Find activities and schedules built around what you find rejuvenating, with significant less pressure to fill every day. Think sunset yoga classes followed by champagne and delicious appetizers (so not just carrot sticks then), steam therapy and massages … sounds good, right?

The festive season is the season of giving, but to give of yourself, you need to take care of yourself. For those looking to swap the Christmas bulge for a healthier start to the new year, make a break with tradition and embrace the gift of wellness. If you’re planning a staycation, don’t fall for the perceived cooking traditions, include healthy options in your holiday feasts to balance out all the traditional favourites. Create a sense of moderation and figure out what kind of exercise you’ll need to burn those extra calories. Also, go easy on the booze and make sure to find quiet time in all of the chaos of celebrations.

Keep reminding yourself of what is necessary and what is needlessly extra. Healthy holidays are explicitly designed to help you unplug, recharge, and return healthier than when you left.

So, plan your restorative journey right now. You deserve it.


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